As a standard practice, Modi says Indian bureaucrats are now presenting the global standard of any subject in discussion. Modi says he expects to know how far India is from the global standard and how to get there. “For any bill/note I get, I get a Global Standard note along with it. It says which country is doing the best in that field and what are their standards, etc. How do we reach there? Wh

Modi’s Four-S Mantra The sheer scale and scope on offer for the and to the Indian market is immense, according to the prime minister. In a freewheeling chat with NDTV’s editor-in-chief, Sanjay Pugalia, Modi, who is looking for a third consecutive term in the Lok Sabha, said that the way to be competitive globally lay in adhering to four Ss—scope, scale, speed and skill. “The scope should be big.

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