A school teacher in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur went to a tantrik to seek solutions to his domestic disputes. However, he ended up transferring his family properties and losing those altogether in a case of fraud. His wife has now registered a case in the matter.

A school teacher in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur wanted to get rid of domestic troubles. He went to a tantrik in the hope of a solution. However, the visit turned into a nightmare as he ended up losing two of his family properties in a case of fraud. Now, his wife has registered an FIR in the matter.

Sushma Devda, 52, filed the case against four people, including the tantrik and his son. The police have launched an investigation into the matter, which started in 2023.


According to the complaint, Sushma Devda’s husband, Chetanram Devda went to the tantrik because of being upset about domestic disputes. The tantrik, identified as Kalu Khan, practised black magic. Chetanram confided to Kalu Khan and his son Abdul Qadir, seeking help in putting an end to his domestic troubles.

The father-son duo told Chetanram Devda that the root of all his troubles was his property, and advised him to sell it. They convinced Chetanram Devda to transfer the property to Kalu Khan’s name, and assured that it would be returned to him when the disputes were resolved. Accordingly, the school teacher transferred his property of over 4,000 square feet to Kalu Khan’s name in July 2023.

When the troubles did not end, Chetanram Devda approached the tantrik and his son again. He asked Kalu Khan to return the sale deed, a document that establishes property ownership, to him. To this, Kalu Khan and his son Abdul Qadir suggested that doing so would cause death in Chetanram Devda’s family. They convinced the school teacher to transfer his other property of over 1,200 square feet to their name as well. This development happened in November 2023.

Then, Kalu Ram sold both the properties, which initially belonged to Chetanram Devda, to one Birbal and Ram Kishore for Rs 24.91 lakh. However, Chetanram Devda did not get money in this entire ordeal.

On May 17, 2024, when Birbal and Ram Kishore went to Chetanram Devda’s house to vacate it, Sushma Devda came to know about the whole matter. Then, she filed a case against the four men in connection with property usurpation.

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